Sing With Us!

Enhance Your Education in Music & Performance


Members of Nashville Singers learn singing techniques of breathing, vowel shaping, proper singing posture, control of energy and pitch, placement of tone and others that will improve your knowledge of music and singing skills. It’s like getting a free voice lesson every week! However, it’s not just about singing. You will also learn about how to take command of the stage by developing a stronger visual presentation. There is an opportunity to hone your skills in stage production, costuming, not to mention opportunities for personal growth and developing your skills as a leader.  

For more information, email or call 615-669-8633.

Improve Your Skills & Confidence


 Hone your musical and performance skills through public appearances and chorus produced concert events. These events provide opportunities for memorable fellowship, harmony and knowledge.

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Have Fun & Make Some New Friends


We all need time for pleasure and relaxation. As a member you’ll discover fun social activities, an enlarged circle of friends, and service projects that benefit others in your community. 

Enrich your life and the lives of others through singing and the support of music education. We value singing, fellowship, fun, enrichment, and creativity.

 Learn to be a better singer and performer in Nashville

 Enrich your life and the lives of others through singing and the support of music education in Nashville

For more information, email or call 615-669-8633.

Sing Great Arrangements of Great Songs


Experience the power and emotion of some of the most beautiful and moving music of all time. Nashville Singers is privileged to perform some of the best choral arrangements on the planet by a variety of premier vocal arrangers, including Jim Clancy, Jay Giallombardo, David Wright, Mark Hale, Chris Kershaw, Naomi Crellin, Gene Cokeroft, Buzz Haeger, and Don Gray.  

For more information, email or call  615-669-8633 .

Chances for Professional Development/Leadership


Some of our members will tell you the leadership development training they receive by being a part of Nashville Singers has enhanced their lives. Through meeting people and learning to work together for common goals, our members develop skills and gain self-confidence.  

For more information, email or call  615-669-8633 .

It’s Good for You! Sing Yourself Happy & Fit!


If you have ever wondered why choral singers look to be on a high, here are some of the reasons. The health benefits of singing are well documented:

  • Singing is very effective as a stress reliever and improves sleep.
  • Singing improves your posture.
  • Singing improves mental alertness.
  • Singing strengthens concentration and memory.
  • Singing increases poise, self-esteem and presentation skills.
  • Singing tones facial, abdominal and intercostal muscles, and the diaphragm, and stimulates circulation.
  • Singing broadens expressive communication.
  • Singing adds a rich, more pleasant quality to speech.
  • Singing animates the body, mind and spirit.
  • Singing enables the performer to delve into characterization/acting.
  • Singing is an ageless enjoyment – you are never too young or too old.
  • Singing boosts your immune system, helping to fight disease and prolonging life expectancy.
  • Singing releases endorphins into your system and makes you feel energized and uplifted.
  • Singing releases pain-relieving endorphins, helping you to forget that painful tooth/knee/whatever.
  • Singing makes you breathe more deeply than many forms of strenuous exercise, so we take in more oxygen, improve aerobic capacity and experience a release of muscle tension as well.
  • For more information, email or call  615-669-8633 .


Over the Rainbow


The mission of Nashville Singers is to enrich lives through singing and the support of music education.

The vision of Nashville Singers is to be a dynamic choral leader, enriching lives through the performance of significant music; collaborating with highly engaged, skilled donors to make a substantial impact on music education in our schools and the community.

Achieving this mission and vision requires an above average level of dedication from each member.

This Is What We Expect of Our Members:

  1. Dedication to excellence: The Nashville Singers are dedicated to achieving the highest level of singing and performance quality. Achieving our collective goal starts with our members; therefore, each member must be dedicated to achieving the excellence we seek.

  2. Administration of the chorus: The Nashville Singers have an "active member only policy." This means that each member is expected to perform one of the following: chair or serve on at least one committee, accept a position as an appointed official, serve in a chorus elective office, or be accountable for a position of responsibility within the chorus.

  3. Participation at rehearsals: The Nashville Singers expect each member to attend all rehearsals on time and to participate attentively in the entire rehearsal schedule.

  4. Memorization of music and performance plans: The Nashville Singers require each member to be able to follow the directors and/or coaches. Members are required to memorize the chorus music and visual plan within four weeks of introduction. The Nashville Singers do not expect this to be accomplished at chorus rehearsals; therefore, it is expected that a member will spend time away from the rehearsal to accomplish these requirements.

  5. Certification for performances/recording sessions: Prior to a performance or recording session, or as new music is added to the chorus repertoire, and at the discretion of the directors or section leaders, a demonstration of proficiency in notes and lyrics may be required through the use of a tape or MP3 recorder or other methods as may be designated. In addition, special demonstrations of the visual plan may be required. Inability of a member to perform any music to an established standard may disqualify him from participating in performances and/or recording sessions.

  6. Participation at performances: Members are expected to participate in all Nashville Singers public performances. However, representing Nashville Singers by singing in public appearances is a privilege which will can be jeopardized by poor attendance at rehearsals. Exceptions can be made, on an individual basis.

  7. Positive attitude: The Nashville Singers expect each member to maintain a positive attitude at all chorus functions. This is not to say you cannot have an opinion or make a suggestion. However, problems or complaints should be brought to the attention of a member of the Nashville Singers Board of Directors, in private, and preferably in writing.

  8. Participation in ticket sales: The Nashville Singers will produce one or more concerts each year which depend on public ticket sales to achieve financial success. Each member is required to sell tickets to these events.

  9. Payment of dues: Membership in Nashville Singers requires payment of dues. The chorus Secretary or Treasurer can assist you with information regarding membership options available and the cost for each.

  10. Agreement to abide by Nashville Singers expectations of membership, standards and policies: Each member of the Nashville Singers is expected to read and abide by the expectations of membership, standards, "Code of Ethics" and policies that may be enacted from time to time by the Chorus Board of Directors. 


Nashville Singers members hold themselves to high standards of conduct in the affairs of the chorus. The Nashville Singers organization aspires to preserve for its members and for all future generations of prospective members the sacred right of men to seek haven from the burden of their daily cares through the enjoyment of singing and to that end we do hereby pledge ourselves to abide by the precepts of this Code of Ethics:    

  1. We shall do everything in our power to perpetuate Nashville Singers.
  2. We shall deport ourselves and conduct Nashville Singers functions in such a manner as to reflect credit upon Nashville Singers and its membership.
  3. We shall conform in all respects to the bylaws of Nashville Singers and the policies from time to time promulgated by its board of directors.
  4. We shall accept for membership only congenial men of good character who love harmony and can meet the musical standards of the organization.
  5. We shall exhibit a spirit of good fellowship toward all members, and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, economic status, sexual orientation, national origin, age, ethnic background, or disability in any of our policies, procedures, or practices.
  6. We shall refrain from forcing our songs upon unsympathetic ears.
  7. We shall not use our membership in Nashville Singers for personal gain. An example of "personal gain" would be an insurance salesman joining Nashville Singers for the sole purpose of poaching the member roster looking for new customers.
  8. We shall not permit the introduction of political, religious or other similar controversial issues into the affairs of Nashville Singers.
  9. We shall endeavor to spread the spirit of harmony throughout the world.
  10. We shall render all possible altruistic service through the medium of singing.   

For more information, email or call 615-852-7464


 Kom sing saam met ons!
تعال الغناء معنا!
Bizimlə birlikdə gəlin!
Давайце спяваць разам з намі!
Елате да пеете с нас!
আমাদের সাথে আসুন!
Pođite sa nama!
Vine a cantar amb nosaltres!
Umari kamo uban kanato!
Pojď s námi zpívat!
Dewch i ganu gyda ni!
Kom synge med os!
Komm sing mit uns!
Ελάτε να τραγουδήσετε μαζί μας!
Come sing with us!
Ven a cantar con nosotros!
Tule meiega laulda!
Zatoz gurekin abestu!
بیا با ما آواز بخوان
Tule laulamaan kanssamme!
Venez chanter avec nous!
Veña cantar connosco!
અમારી સાથે આવો!
Ku zo tare da mu!
आओ हमारे साथ गाओ!
Pjevajte s nama!
Vini non chante avèk nou!
Gyere énekelni velünk!
Եկեք երգեք մեզ հետ:
Ayo bernyanyi bersama kami!
Bịa soro anyị bụrụ abụ!
Komdu syngja með okkur!
Vieni a cantare con noi!
בואו לשיר איתנו!
Ayo bareng karo kita!
მღერიან ჩვენთან ერთად!
Бізбен ән шырқаңыз!
ನಮ್ಮೊಂದಿಗೆ ಹಾಡಲು ಕಮ್!
우리와 함께 노래 부르세요!
Ateik pas mus!
Nāc dziedāt kopā ar mums!
Avia mihira miaraka aminay!
Haere mai ki a matou!
Ајде да пее со нас!
ഞങ്ങളോടൊപ്പം പാടുക!
Бидэнтэй хамт дуулна!
आमच्याबरोबर गा. ये!
Datang bernyanyi dengan kami!
Come canta magħna!
हाम्रो साथ गाओ!
Kom zingen met ons!
Kom synge med oss!
Bwerani nafe!
ਆਉ ਸਾਡੇ ਨਾਲ ਗਾਓ!
Przyjdź zaśpiewaj z nami!
Venha cantar com a gente!
Veniți să cântați cu noi!
Приходите петь с нами!
අප සමඟ ගායනා කරන්න!
Poďte s nami spievať!
Pridi po nas!
Na soo dhawee!
Ejani të këndoni me ne!
Пођите са нама!
Tla bina le rona!
Kita Hayu nyanyi kalayan kami!
Kom och sjunga med oss!
Kuja na sisi!
எங்களுடன் பாட வாருங்கள்!
మాతో పాడండి!
Биёед бо суруд бихонем!
Halika kumanta sa amin!
Bizimle şarkı söyleyelim!
Приходь співай з нами!
آو ہمارے ساتھ گانا!
Biz bilan qo'shiq kelinglar!
Hãy đến với chúng tôi!
קומען זינגען מיט אונדז!
Wá kọrin pẹlu wa!
Woza uhlabele nathi!